Stockholm Subways Have Eyes And Ears

Stockholm Metro
I generally prefer to use public transportation while I am travelling so that I can observe and feel the daily life and local people’s routine. Before my Stockholm trip, I saw some photos of metro stations in Stockholm which were decorated and painted in a very different and creative way. At first I though it is done using Photoshop or something.  After I saw the metro stations, I realized all photos I had seen were real. The metro stations were like art galleries.

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It Couldn’t Sail Even A Single Mile – Story of Vasa, The Ship

On August 10th, 1628, the 64-gun warship Vasa left the port of Stockholm while the excited crowd were watching her departure. After a few minutes the ship encountered a strong wind and it was heeled over to the port. The gunports were open to make farewell shots and this caused the water to rush into the ship. Vasa sank after a single mile of sailing. The crew were allowed to take their families and guests along for the first part of the passage so there were around 150 people on the ship. 30 of them died onboard. Her valuable bronze cannons were salvaged.

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Can Sculptures Fly?

I like to visit all kind of museums while I am travelling but more than that I like to visit modern art museums especially sculpture sections. I like sculptures because that tangible, concrete art pieces transmit the soul of the artist to me. When I was in Stockholm, someone mentioned about a sculpture garden, Millesgården. It took my attention. I decided to visit this museum even though it wasn’t in the old town area . It is just 7 km away from the city center. You can easily reach Millesgården by public transportation.

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