Everyday Life On A Sailing Boat, While Crossing The Atlantic

We get many questions about our 2850 nautical miles long Atlantic Ocean crossing which started from Las Palmas, took 21 days and ended in Antigua and Barbuda. “How were your days passing on the boat?”, “What were you doing on the boat?”, “What did you eat and drink?”, “What did you cook?”, “Did you catch many fishes?”, and so on. So I decided to share my experiences about our daily life experience on the boat which also answers a lot of these questions

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Hitchhiking A Sailing Boat!

Previously I shared some posts about my experience about the Atlantic Crossing, using a sailing boat. I decided I should write an article about some other part of that wonderful trip, about how to hitchhike a sailing boat! 🙂

You can read my previous articles about different parts of my Atlantic Crossing story at the bottom of this post. So, here we go, hitchhiking a sailing boat, from memoirs of Senem Tongar!

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Best Parts of Life on a Sailing Boat

best parts of sailing

Uniting with Nature

Feeling the wind that touches every part of your body, waves shaking you, sleeping under the stars, seeing different shaped clouds and shining Planktons under the sea during the nights, watching the flying fishes in the sea and the races of dolphins are just some of the best things you will witness during your sailing trip.  All these things make you think of the greatness of the mother-nature.

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