17 Facts About Cuba From The People Who Visited The Communist State


In 2014 December, my sister and I stepped on Antigua and Barbuda after our Atlantic Crossing Adventure. After a while, we got acquainted with sailors in the marina and local people around the harbour and got updated about what happened in the world while we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We found out that the US embargo in Cuba will be off soon. We started to think about visiting Cuba before the American tourists invade the island after the embargo.

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Travelling in Cuba

Ernest Hemingway and I

Today’s post is another one of my Travel Route Series, and it’s about Cuba! Cuba is the biggest and the most populated island in Caribbean. It is one of the communist countries in the world. About Cuba; Havana Club Ron, Mojito, Daiquiri, Cuban Cigars, Salsa, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, the Bueno Vista Social Club, the Guantanamo Camp, the Bay of Pigs and more things come to your mind for sure. Before USA abolished the embargo to Cuba and American tourists started to invade the island, we wanted to visit this beautiful island and country. We only spent 5 days in Havana and around. And briefly I would like to give some information about my route.

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