Plugs n’ Sockets

The best way to find out which country has which types of plugs and sockets


Plugs n’ Sockets is an easy-to-use application for your mobile phone and PC which allows you to search for any country using its intuitive user interface and find out which types of plugs they use, what is the frequency and what voltages are supported there.



  • Free to use (no ads, no obligations)
  • Supports all countries in the world (255 countries, territories, autonomous regions, islands)
  • Works offline (once installed it doesn’t need any internet connection)
  • Supports English and Turkish languages
  • Supports Android (5.1 or later) and Windows 10 (mobile and desktop)



Here are some screenshots that show Plugs n’ Sockets application in use:



You can use the links below to download and install Plugs n’ Sockets app on your mobile phone or computer.


Android 5.1 or later
Android 5.1 or later


Download for Windows 10 (mobile or desktop)
Download for Windows 10 (mobile or desktop)




Feedback and Support

You can use use the Contact Me page for your feedback and questions.