Uruguay Route


Uruguay always reminds of its neighboring country Paraguay. After the latest news like “The 25 reasons to live in Uruguay” in Turkish media, it made me wonder if these news are real or not. Do people smoke marijuana on the streets freely . Is the internet free in all of the country? And so on. Continue reading “Uruguay Route”

Do you know Persian Cats?

No One Knows About Persian Cats

I always gather as much information as I can about the countries I travel to. I read travel articles, books and view photos of other travelers and writers. When I am in the country, I ask local people about what their favorite movies and directors are and try to buy  DVDs of recommended movies and directors. After my travel to Iran in May, I discovered this interesting Iranian movie which I wanted to share with you cause it shows the alternative life and music of Iran.

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Calm and Tranquil City – Copenhagen


Copenhagen always reminds me of the famous Copenhagen criteria that are the entry conditions to EU. I decided to visit Copenhagen to meet my friends who live in Europe a few years ago.  While I was on the plane, I was thinking “What are the famous and important landmarks of Denmark?” It didn’t occur to me at first but then my memory showed me the famous beer brands; Tuborg, Carlsberg and Lego; One of the most beloved toys in the world.

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