Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair

Every year over 11,000 camels, horses, and cattle are brought to Pushkar. It is a small town in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The reason is quite obvious, to be seen and sold. The Pushkar open-air livestock market is held on every November in Pushkar and is one of the world’s largest livestock markets. Owners of ranches come here to buy and sell animals. And at the same time there is a camel festival in here.

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Peru Travel Route Details

Sacred Valley-Peru

Machu Picchu, Nazca lines and its relations with aliens , Inca civilization, the local Peruvian people with their colorful outfits, their dark skins and smiling faces are the main things you will probably remember about Peru. Beside these, foods like chifa and ceviche, pisco sour drink and more Inca ruins will welcome you in Peru. We only had to chance to stay for one week in Peru but I highly recommend staying for two weeks at least for anyone who is planning to visit this beautiful country.  To read my other routes, please visit my Travel Route Series.

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Best Parts of Life on a Sailing Boat

best parts of sailing

Uniting with Nature

Feeling the wind that touches every part of your body, waves shaking you, sleeping under the stars, seeing different shaped clouds and shining Planktons under the sea during the nights, watching the flying fishes in the sea and the races of dolphins are just some of the best things you will witness during your sailing trip.  All these things make you think of the greatness of the mother-nature.

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How to overcome Jet lag


In this article, I want to talk about the travel junkie’s nightmare that is jet lag. Jet lag can be best described as the biological confusion that reigns when the body’s internal clock is at odds with the one at the destination.

An example: You feel like jumping on a plane to New York, and Turkish Airlines flight no. TK3 on an A330 takes off at 7:25 AM. When you get off the plane it’s around 11:30 AM but your watch says 18:30 PM. For now, no problem. Yet, jet lag is sneaking up on you… At around 16:00 PM in New York City, Istanbul time will be midnight, and you need to be active when your body wants to sleep!

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Holy Pushkar


Pushkar is one of the oldest cities of India which lies on the shores of Pushkar Lake. The actual date of its foundation is not known but it is believed  that Brahma created it. It is one of the five sacred dhams (pilgrimage site) for devout Hindus. There are many legends about its holiness. One of those legends is about the death of Sati who is the wife of Shiva, The Destroyer. When Sati died Shiva cried so much and for so long that her tears created two holy ponds. One is Pushkar and the other is Ketaksha.

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