All Comes From Love, A Shop in Galata

Every time I wander around the Galata Tower, I glance over the shops and catch up with some new shops and their products. Galata, Şişhane and Karaköy areas are getting popular each year. A few years ago I was walking towards Kabataş from Galata Tower when the Turkish delight in the front of a small and pretty shop got my attention. As a sweet lover, I immediately walked into the shop. I tasted Turkish delight with walnut and walnut paste here for the first time in my life. Continue reading “All Comes From Love, A Shop in Galata”

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iznik – Nicaea

İznik Lake

Last weekend I organized a tour of the ancient city İznik (a small city south of Istanbul) and its surroundings. We had a sunny weekend and had a great time. Like me, many people and tourists pass by İznik while on their way to Bursa. İznik with its beautiful nature and  its history are a city worth visiting if you’re traveling to Turkey.

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Stockholm Subways Have Eyes And Ears

Stockholm Metro
I generally prefer to use public transportation while I am travelling so that I can observe and feel the daily life and local people’s routine. Before my Stockholm trip, I saw some photos of metro stations in Stockholm which were decorated and painted in a very different and creative way. At first I though it is done using Photoshop or something.  After I saw the metro stations, I realized all photos I had seen were real. The metro stations were like art galleries.

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It Couldn’t Sail Even A Single Mile – Story of Vasa, The Ship

On August 10th, 1628, the 64-gun warship Vasa left the port of Stockholm while the excited crowd were watching her departure. After a few minutes the ship encountered a strong wind and it was heeled over to the port. The gunports were open to make farewell shots and this caused the water to rush into the ship. Vasa sank after a single mile of sailing. The crew were allowed to take their families and guests along for the first part of the passage so there were around 150 people on the ship. 30 of them died onboard. Her valuable bronze cannons were salvaged.

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Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia

I guess there is nobody out there who didn’t wish for love while blowing out the candles on a birthday cake or seeing a falling star or counting down for new year’s first day. We wish for love when we don’t have it and when we have it and break up we go and say “It is all a lie. There is no LOVE  anymore.” Somehow human beings can’t handle to live with or without love.  I want to share this article with you which is about a movie and a museum about love.

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