All Comes From Love, A Shop in Galata

Every time I wander around the Galata Tower, I glance over the shops and catch up with some new shops and their products. Galata, Şişhane and Karaköy areas are getting popular each year. A few years ago I was walking towards Kabataş from Galata Tower when the Turkish delight in the front of a small and pretty shop got my attention. As a sweet lover, I immediately walked into the shop. I tasted Turkish delight with walnut and walnut paste here for the first time in my life.This shop is for the ones who look for different types of Turkish delight except with hazelnut and pistachio. They produce Turkish delights with almond, walnut, mastic gum, orange, rose and many other flavours. Since 1870 the shop owners produce Turkish delights, sweets, paste and chocolates with natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Another thing I love about this shop is their nice boxes in which they put Turkish delights. You can keep this nice box as a memory or a jewellery box for yourself. The figure on the top of the box is their logo which is a calligraphic writing means “All comes from Love”

You can see this charming calligraphic on many items and objects in the shop such as boxes, tombacs, ceramics, jewellery and decoration. You will find fine things in this shop for your eyes and stomach. If you look for a dissimilar and nice present for you or  your beloved friends, you should visit this shop in Galata or the other branch in Bebek. For more info about the shop and its products, take a look at its website and Facebook page.

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