Tips for Travelling with Children

I have traveled to 54 countries and most of the times alone, so that I can define myself as a solo female traveller but I have many friends and cousins who have children. I also met many travelers who hit the roads with their kids. Here are a few things I learned from them and

I wanted to share some tips for travelling parents to help make their trip easier. Please share your feedback about travelling with your children so that I can update the list. Have a great holiday with your kids.

Do Online Check-in and Board Early

I always do an online check-in and generally print my boarding pass. That saves me time and it also gives me an opportunity to select my seat on a plane. Check out my travel article “How to choose your seat on a plane” in which I advise you to do the same because you won’t have to be trapped with your kids in long and tiring check-in lines. If you can’t print out the boarding passes, you can use the e-check in kiosks when you arrive at the airport.

Most of the airlines get the travelers with children early during the boarding. It is good to be the first on a plane so you place your bags before the overhead bins are full.

Do Your Packing Wisely

Think carefully about what you can manage on your own while taking care of your kids, then pack your luggage. Be realistic and don’t carry extra things with you.  Here are some tips for you;

  • For example, skip the car seat unless you will be using on a plane. Instead of taking your car seat, try to rent a car with a car seat or ask for one from one of your relatives and friends when you arrive at the destination.
  • Try to bring a small, foldable, light umbrella stroller which makes it easier to navigate through a crowded airport.
  • It is always helpful to use re-sealable plastic bags to prevent leaks of your medicines and toiletries.
  • Put your big coats in your checked luggage and wear a lighter coat or jacket. Because you and your children have to remove the coat for security checks.
  • Before packing, you must check the airlines and airports restrictions about the liquids and items on a carry-on luggage. But if you travel with a baby or toddler, don’t worry about the restrictions about liquids. There are generally some exceptions for the baby food and breast milk.
  • Prepare a small first-aid kit.
  • Bring a waterproof camera, children love water 🙂


You should try to choose the best and the most comfortable transportation way for you and for your chidren.

If you are traveling in an airplane;

  • Try to choose a flight that aligns with nap time of your baby
  • Ask the airline companies’ paid and non-paid in-flight services for your children. Some airline companies provide a baby seat or bed called Skycot for which you make a reservation ahead of the flight
  • Check the security regulations of the airports you will fly from and to

If you travel by car or vehicle;

  • Do not forget to get your child’s seat
  • Rent a car with a baby seat and sun proof windows
  • Get some music that your kids love and some favorite toys of them which will make your way more entertaining

 If you travel by train;

  • Book a compartment where you will have privacy for yourself and your family
  • Choose a seat close to WC, luggage area and restaurant area

Hotel and Accommodation

Unless you are staying in a resort/hotel/place specially designed for children, you should choose your hotel and accommodation considering these points;

  • Babysitting services
  • Special services for children such as nappies, special food, pool, bed, chairs and even games
  • Playground for children or a garden
  • Central location for transportation, parks and hospitals
  • A room or flat with a kitchen where you can prepare your own food for your kids

Medical Services

Scientists say that our stress level increases while travelling because we face many different environments and situations and our body may react in different ways. It generally affects our digestion system. Children can be sensitive too while travelling and can become ill quite easily. That’s why you should take note of these things before your travel;

  • Check the health system of the country you will be visiting such as vaccinations and infectious diseases. You can check WHO website about international travel and health.
  • Get the vaccine card of your child
  • Note some hospitals/doctors/ pharmacy contact information around your hotel/resort/flat.
  • Don’t forget to get the important medicine of your kids or the prescription of the permanent medicine your baby takes.
  • Take the phone number for your baby’s healthcare provider in case you have questions while you’re on the road.
  • Prepare a small first-aid kit such as repellents, creams for burn/itching/incision and pills for allergies.

    Children Want To Know Everything

    Psychologists say that children want to know everything ahead and it makes them less anxious. Try to do these things before and during your travel with your child.

  • You should tell your child where you are travelling to, how long you are staying and how you are going to the destinations.
  • Make a quick search of the place you are going to visit and share this information with your child during your travel. Be their travel guide. It will amuse your children.
  • You should talk with your child about how they behave and tell the rules they have to follow during the trip. If they forget the rules, do not scold them, just remind the rules again.

Happy traveling! 🙂

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