Miniport; A New Easy Check-in Service from Turkish Airlines

I have some good news for you. If you fly with Turkish Airlines your luggage won’t be a burden to you. Until your last moment in Istanbul you can enjoy your travel because you can drop your luggage at the Miniport offices, which are located in Taksim and Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Turkish Airlines has just started to provide a new service called Miniport. If you don’t want to carry your luggage then you can leave your luggage at the Miniport offices. Soon after that, you will make an online reservation and a deliverer will pick up from your hotel, of course, if you stay in an affiliate hotel of Turkish Airlines. The Miniport office in Taksim is open between 07:00 and 23:00 every day. Passengers must drop off their baggage at least 5 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure time. The Miniport office in Istanbul Atatürk Airport that is located on the metro floor of the international terminal of the airport is always open and baggage can be dropped off at any hour during the day. For more information about this service, visit Miniport website and watch its video.

The first time I saw in-town luggage service was at Kowloon Metro Station in Hong Kong, 2013. We did our check-in at Kowloon Metro Station and went to the airport without any luggage. It was super easy and comfortable. We had a great time at the airport by not carrying any luggage. I was impressed by this service and wished to have it in Istanbul. Miniport is just a start for in-town luggage service. I hope in the future we can have this service at metro stations, in other cities and by other airline companies.

These kinds of in-town luggage services bypass the difficulty pulling baggage to the airport or around the city. It is also good for cities, keeping cars off the road and reducing the traffic.

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