8 Amazing Facts About The Longest Country in the Southern Hemisphere

Yes, it is Chile, the longest country in the Southern Hemisphere and also South America. If you look it up on a map you’ll notice instantly that it is stretched all over western shores of South America. This article summarizes 8 amazing facts about Chile.

1. The World Largest Artificial Pool

The Guinness Book of Records declared the San Alfonso del Mar Resort’s pool as the largest swimming pool with a length of 1000 yards, an area of 20 acres and a maximum depth of 115- feet. Let me explain how this pool is big by examples. It is larger than 20 Olympic swimming pools and holds 250 million liters of water. The construction of pool cost 1 billion dollars. The annual maintenance cost is 2 million dollars.

2. The Atacama Desert, The Driest Desert in the World

The Atacama desert is the driest desert in the world, at the altitude of 2290 mt. Some parts of the desert have never received a single drop of rain, ever. It lays between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains and spreading out over 363.000 km2 that is almost equivalent to the area of Japan.

3. A Wine Country

The wine has been producing since 1554 when the first wine grape was brought by Spanish Conquistadors. There are over 100 wineries and Chile exports 10 million hectoliters of wine per year. It makes Chile as the 5th largest exporter of wine and the 9th largest producer. You will definitely find an appropriate wine for your tastes.

4. Gigantic Statues of Easter Island

I am sure most of you have asked how the ancient people made those enormous stone statues on Easter Island of Chile. I did. These statues are called Moai and are made of the island’s volcanic rocks. They were carved between 1100 to 1680. The largest Moai, Paro is 82 tons and 9.8 mt.

5. The World Oldest Mummy

The oldest known mummy is 9216 years old. There are 282 Chinchorro mummies in the Chilean Museo Arqueologico de San Miguel de Azapa and the radiocarbon tests showed that they are made in 7200 B.C. The mummies have been found in the Camarones Valley. 149 of them were created by Chinchorro people and the rest were preserved by nature.

6. One of the Longest Countries in the World

Chile is one of the longest countries in the world. From north to south it is 4630 km long (2647 miles) and covers 38 degrees of latitude. long and extends across 38 degrees of latitude.

7. Lowest Divorce Rate

Divorce was legalized in 2005 in Chile (before 2005 it was illegal), so it has one of the lowest divorce rates globally.

8. The Andes Mountains

If we are talking about the Andes Mountains, it means we are talking about Chile. Because the Andes Mountains cover %80 of Chile. They extend over the entire length of Chile from north to south.

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  1. Brazil is the longest country in the world. Chile extends 4,270 km (2,653 mi) and Brazil extends 4,395 km (2,731 mi) north to south.)

    People assume Chile is the longest just because it’s very narrow!

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