Chile Vacation Costs (Plus Excel Expenses File)

After spending  three days and nights in Uyuni Salar which was an unforgettable experience, our trip ended at Portezuelo del Cajon (also called Hito Cajon) border which is between Chile and Bolivia. From this border, San Pedro de Atacama is 45 kilometres (28 miles) away. If you are going to cross this border, you should arrange your transportation ahead.

Our first stop in Chile was San Pedro de Atacama which is the hometown of the driest non-polar desert in the world. After spending two nights in San Pedro de Atacama we took a plane to the capital, Santiago. We spent two nights in Santiago de Chile and one night in Valparaiso which is the second largest metropolitan area and one of the South Pacific’s most important seaports. We were fascinated by the fresh seafood and the variety of delicious wines. Chile is an economically stable and strong country in South America and in the world. You will feel it through the prices of the food and accommodation. You can read all of my previous posts, articles, pictures and experiences about Chile using this link, and for more travel expenses and travel costs information, check out my Vacation Cost Series.

I always keep note of my expenses while I am travelling and also in my daily life. This time, I want to share some basic expenditures. I hope it may give an idea of planning a trip to Chile.

chile travel cost
1 USD = 665 Chilean Peso

You can also download the Excel sheet file using the link provided below (just click on the icon) in case you want to print it or modify it to fit your own requirements.

download excel

Here are some photos from our Chile. Chile is much expensive than the other South American countries but you can also find reasonable restaurants to eat.

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