4 Reasons Why You Should Shred Your Boarding Pass Instead of Sharing It on Social Media

We are used to doing all and everything online using the internet. From banking transactions to ordering a pizza to our tables we do various daily tasks via the internet.

Beside all these online transactions, we have a life on social media and share whatever comes to mind through it. Engulfed in the happiness of going on a vacation, we like to share all of our travel details and our boarding pass cards online or in some cases throw away our used boarding pass card  as soon as we get on the plane or hotel rooms like I do myself sometimes. But this is, in fact, a very unsafe and dangerous habit. Here is why:

1. Open Invitation for Thieves and Robbers

If your social media accounts are publicly visible then all your travel plans may be seen by some evil-minded people or robbers that will try to burgle your house.

2. Your Banking and Financial Info May Be Stolen

The QR code or 2D barcode of your boarding pass encloses your personal information such as phone number, address, bank account, credit cards and so on. Anyone who has a barcode reader or scanner may get your personal and crucial information and use them for fraud.

3. Your Frequent Flyer Account May Be Hacked

If you are a member of any loyalty or  have a frequent flyer account of any airlines, hackers may use your data and enter into your accounts. They can forward your flight miles to another account and even change or cancel any of your future flights.

4. Your Boarding Pass Can Be Required At The Destination Airport

During my trips to South Asia in 2013, some domestic airlines asked me for my boarding pass card upon arrival at the destination which I had never seen such a thing anywhere else. I found this very awkward. Luckily I had my boarding pass card so I did not have any problems.

Here you can have a look at a CBS Boston News video about this subject and the IATA- International Air Transport Association website about Bar-Coded Boarding Passes which is actively used since 2005.

I wish you a safe and pleasant vacation. If you’re interested you can read my tips to help you with your travel planning and also during your travels.

Notes: Boarding Pass example source is https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Boarding_card_-_text_editable.svg

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  1. Take your boarding pass home, because if you collect frequent flyer points and the airline fails to credit your account, this is the only way to prove that you were on the flight, and that you are entitled to the points. I speak from experience, particularly when using a certain airline based in Asia :-o)

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