Colombia Vacation Expenses (Plus Excel File)

After Cuba our next destination was Colombia. My sister and I were traveling in Colombia between 18 and 24th January 2015. We stayed 4 days in Bogota and 5 days in Cartagena. We enjoyed both of those cities but our favorite was the pearl of Caribbean, Cartagena.  At least a week is enough for visiting Cartagena and its surroundings.

The prices in Colombia were moderate. It wasn’t expensive for us at all.  I always keep note of my expenses while I am traveling and also in my daily life. This time, I want to share some basic expenditures we did. I hope it may help you if you are planning a trip to Colombia.

You can read all of my previous posts, articles, pictures and experiences about Colombia using this link, and for more information about my travel expenses, check out my Vacation Cost Series.

Colombia travel cost

You can also download the Excel sheet file using the link below in case you want to print it or modify it to fit your own requirements.


Here are some of the photos from my Colombia trip. Mostly what we ate 🙂


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