Cuba Vacation Costs (Plus Excel Expenses File)

In the Dominican Republic, we found a cheap flight to Havana and wanted to visit Cuba before the lifting of US embargoes and the invasion of American tourists. We had only 5 days to see Vinales, Havana and its surroundings. We stayed in Havana and made daily trips to Havana surroundings.

There are so many cities and places to see on the island.  The prices may vary in the island. The area of Varadero is full of 5 stars hotels and resorts. The prices in Varadero may be more expensive than the rest of the island. I would like to share my notes based my expenses in Havana.


You can also download the Excel sheet file using the link provided below for this table in case you want to print it or modify it to fit your own requirements.

excel ikon

Well, the good thing is that you can bargain with hotels, owner of casa particulars, restaurants besides taxi drivers.


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