Antigua&Barbuda Vacation Costs (Plus Excel Template)

Last year my sister and I started a new year in Antigua. It was such a great feeling, being in the Caribbean island, sleeping on a catamaran, jumping into a blue sea and having the first shower of the year in the Caribbean Sea. You can read all of my previous posts, articles, pictures and experiences about Antigua using this link, but this post is more about budget details for an Antigua trip.

I always keep note of my expenses while I am traveling and also in my daily life. This time, I want to share some basic expenditures we did. I hope it may give an idea for planning a trip to Antigua and Barbuda.

antigua barbuda travel cost

You can also download the Excel sheet file using the link provided below for this table in case you want to print it or modify it to fit your own requirements.

Antigua Travel Budget Excel Datasheet

One last note: The public transportation is available on the island but it is not going everywhere. I suggest you to take a taxi to reach the beaches on the island where there are 365. If you are 3 or 4 persons, it is much more affordable to rent a car to wander around the island and visit the beaches.

Antigua, Antigua ve Barbuda

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