Travelling in the Land of Tango and Football

Tango, the dance of love and passion; Boca Juniors, the football team; Maradona and Messi, the football players; Pope Benedict XVI, the current Pope; Malbec, Argentinian wine; delicious steaks; Eva Peron, the most powerful first lady in Argentina and the Falklands War, a war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 are the some basic things about Argentina. It is definitely more than these. Today’s post is another one of my Travel Route series, this time it is Argentina I’m going to talk about!

My first visit to Argentina was in 2006 and I had only had chance to spend 4 days in Buenos Aires that left a nice memory behind. This year the last stop of our South America trip was Argentina. This time I spend 17 days here but even it wasn’t enough. I guess the mouth-watering steaks and delicious wines of Argentina stole my heart as always having hungry eyes for food:-)

Iguazu Falls- Buenos Aires

It is one of the biggest and enormous falls in the world. It is a must see place. It is a very big area that takes 2 days to visit the two sides of the falls; Brasilia and Argentina. If you only one day visit these falls, I suggest you to visit from Argentina side cause the biggest part of the falls are in Argentinian side. You should start day early to visit all parts of the falls because there are a lot to discover and enjoy the nature of the natural park.

The direct flight is 2 hours from the falls to Buenos Aires or you can take a bus which takes 22 hours ride . We had a very comfortable bus trip and arrived Retiro bus terminal. The first time in Buenos Aires was in 2006. I also enjoyed a lot for visiting and discovering this city for the second time. I guess at least 3 days are enough for visiting Buenos Aires.

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Duration (Plane) Price  Places to See
Igauzu Waterfalls- Buenos Aires 1275 22 Hours 7000 Peso / 65 to 250 USD 2 Hours 140 to 200 USD San Telmo, Palermo, Casa Rosada, Teatro Colon, Recoleta, Museo Bella Artes, Puerto Madero, Paseo del Rosedal, Boca, Tigre

Buenos Aires- Mendoza

Wine lovers know that the famous and delicious Malbec wines are coming from Mendoza region in Argentina. Mendoza is a heaven for wine lovers and the motherland of Malbec wines. From boutique family run vineyards to big industrial wine factories, Mendoza offers you very wide range of selection. You should spend at least 2 days for wine tasting and sightseeing.

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Duration (Plane) Price  Places to See
Buenos Aires- Mendoza 1040 14 Hours 30 Min. 650 Peso /70 USD 2 Hours 140 to 180 USD Uco Valley, Maipu, Lujan de Cuyo,Bodega Luigi Bosca

Mendoza- Cordoba

The city takes its name from Cordoba in Spain and it is located among the river of Suquia. It is the second biggest city in Argentina. Too many young people and students live in the city so that it has very lively nightlife. I had chance to visit the home and museum of Che Guevara who spent his childhood there. I really enjoyed to visit his house and see the real diaries of his motorcycle trip and his other personal belongings. I suggest you to spend at least 2 days for Cordoba and its surroundings.

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Duration (Plane) Price  Places to See
Mendoza-Cordoba 641 10 Hours 30 Min. 600 Peso / 65 USD 1 Hours 80 to 100 USD Iglesia de Los Capuchinos, Igleasia Cathedral,Palacia Ferreya, El paseo Buen Pastor, Plaza San Martin


Salta is located the north part of country and a very close the Bolivian border. I had a 11 hours long bus journey to come Salta. The colonial style of old town is very nice and cute. A day is enough for visiting Salta old town. The other days you can take some daily tours its surroundings. Here you can discover the natural beauties of Argentina more closely. You can spend 2 to 3 days for these tours.

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Duration (Plane) Price  Places to See
Cordoba-Salta 870 11 Hours 450 Peso / 50 USD 1 Hours 25 Min. 130 to 300 USD MAAM, Salta Cathedral,Cuesta Del Opisbo, San Fransisco Church, Andes Tours, Salta Teleferico, Reserva del Huica

Salta- Buenos Aires

From Salta to Buenos Aires you can take a bus which takes 20 hours or take a plane which takes only 2 hours. I preferred to take a bus which was quite comfortable. They even had a whisky or champagne service:-)

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Plane) Price  Duration (Plane) Price 
Salta- Buenos Aires 1550 20 Hours 750 to 850 Peso / 85 to 95 USD 2 Hours 150 to 240 USD

Buenos Aires- El Calafate

The Patagonia region is an another must see area of Argentina.  At least 1 week is enough for visiting this region. I only had 3 days to visit El Calafate and El Chanten . El Chanten is a great place for trekking lovers.

Route Distance  (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Duration (Plane) Price  Places to See
Buenos Aires-El Calafate 2550 42 Hours 1300 to 1900 Peso / 150 to210 USD 3 Hours 20 Min. 170 to 290 USD Petino Moreno Glacier, Glacirium Museum, Centre, El Chalten

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