Movies That Will Kick You Off To The Roads

I recently posted about some of my most inspiring movies. I decided to share a few more for anyone who has decided to start travelling and needs a kick 🙂 These movies will inspire you in a way you never thought it’s possible!

  • The Way Back (2010)

You will watch the incredible adventures of a group of convicts who escape from a prison in Siberia. The convicts’ survival efforts is remarkable and admirable after walking Mongolia, Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator, Gobi desert, Himalaya mountain and reaching India. The scenes of nature and their adventures are really exceptional.

  • The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

The 8000 km long motorcycle ride of biochemist Alberto Granado and Ernesto Fuser Guevara in 1952, just one semester before Che’s graduation from medicine faculty and becoming a dermatologist. Travelling across South America, getting to know the rich culture and sincere folks of the South America incepted the idea of revolution in Che’s mind for the first time. I really suggest you to also read the motorcycle diaries book . The movie won an Oscar award.

  • 7 years in Tibet (1997)

Two European mountaineers Harrer and Henrich go to the mountain Nanga Parbat to climb but after the injury of Henrich’s leg, they have to descend from the mountain. After some adventures and travels they have in the following years, they finally settle down in Tibet. Harrer (Brad Pitt) meets with Dalai Lama the holy leader of Tibet and has a great friendship with him for years. You will fall under the spell of the magical beauty of Tibet and it will make you want to see this beautiful country.

  • The secret Life of Mr. Walter Mitty (2013)

Walter Mitty has been working in negative assets department in Life magazine for 16 years. He has a humdrum life between his work and home. Suddenly the negative of the last edition’s cover image is missing. The life of Mr. Mitty becomes upside down. He starts to follow the traces of the negative and travels to the different parts of the world. These travels makes great changes in his life.

  • Katmandu, Un espejo en el Cielo (2011)

It is a story of Spanish girl Laila who goes to Kathmandu to teach English to children as a volunteer. She marries a native who is a mountain guide to extend her stay in Kathmandu and this marriage changes her life. The roof of the world, Nepal, and its breathtaking landscape will mesmerize you.

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