My Route in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the two countries that do not have any shores to the oceans. It has beautiful nature and naive people. It is worth visiting Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt lake and desert region.

The Uyuni Salar region is one of the most visited touristic places in Bolivia and South America. Amazon regions for nature lovers and the high mountains for mountaineers and trekkers are highly recommended spots. To read my other routes, please visit my Travel Route Series.

Copacabana – La Paz

In Copacabana which is located next to Titicaca lake, you can find boat tours to Isla de Sol and Luna. The tours are half or full day and there are also some tours that let you stay in the island for a few days. According to Inkas, the moon and the sun were born on those islands and that is why they are so holy and spiritual to them. The islands are very calm and silent. If the weather was warmer and sunny we could have stayed longer but unfortunately, it was rainy and chilly.

La Paz is one of the capitals of the world which have the highest altitudes. It  is located on the skirts of the volcanic mountain Illimani which is about 3600 Meters high. Unfortunately, it is poorer when compared to other capitals in South America. The San Jorge neighbourhood is the richest area in the city.  You can use the cabins (teleferico) and enjoy the city view.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Places to See
Copacabana-La Paz 161 3 Hours 85 BS/ 13  USD Isla de Sol-Luna / Old Town, Rodrigez Market, San Francisco Cathedral

La Paz- Uyuni

The salt lake of Uyuni and salt desert area is 10582 km2 wide and is the biggest salt lake in the world. You need to book a tour to visit this area cause you need special cars such as 4WDs. You need at least 3 days to spend on this big area but also there are 1 to 7 days tours available.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Bus) Price  Places to See
La Paz- Uyuni 540 12 Hours From 120 to 200 BS / From 17 to 27 USD Train Cemetery, Isla Pescado, Villa Candelaria, Paso Leon, Laguna Colorado, Laguna Verde, Geysers, Dali Desert, Sol de Manana



Uyuni- San Pedro de Atacama

The 3 day Uyuni tours end at Laguna Verde which is very close to the border of Bolivia-Chile. If you want to cross the border and go to San Pedro de Atacama, you have to buy your tickets from your travel agency beforehand. At the border, your minibuses will be waiting for you to transport you to San Pedro. Even though the distance is short, there may be some queue at the customs which means taking some time.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Minibus) Price  Places to See
Uyuni- San Pedro de Atacama 120 2 Hours 30 Min. 50 BS/ 7.5 USD Valle de Luna, Salt Caves, 3 Marry, Death Valley, Geysers De Tatio, Salar de Tara, High Plateau Lagoons

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