Swimming at Zero Degrees?

The fall ends and the winter comes slowly. In Istanbul we are still enjoying the sunny days of fall. I want to share one of my travel experiences about cold weather and culture. You might guess that I will mention some Nordic countries and you are right. The subject is Stockholm and its Sauna culture.

I spent New Year’s Eve with a very close friend of mine in Stockholm and entered 2014 together. Whille we were in Stockholm, we wanted to discover and live the sauna culture of the Swedish. On January 1st we got up and went to Hellas Garden where you can do many activities in all seasons. You can easily reach the garden by bus 401 from Slussen bus station. The bus ride arrives in 15 minutes to the HellasGarden. For detailed information use the link here.

You can even hear about women and men getting in the sauna totally naked. Actually it is true but in Hellas Garden there  were separate saunas for men and women. It felt very good having hot sauna in a very cold day. The most difficult and courage requiring part was jumping into ice cold lake after hot sauna. Luckily the weather and lake was not so cold. The weather was more than the average season degree. It was around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius 🙂 Whatever courage we had we picked and jumped into the lake . The first jump was more difficult than the next ones. We got used to it after the first jump and made another two jumps into lake. P.S. There were no naked people in sauna but there were some naked people who jumped into the cold lake.

I definetly suggest it to someone who wants to get warmer and freshen up in the cold Stockholm weather.

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