Movies That Will Awaken The Traveller Inside You

There are lots of reasons as to why some people decide to hit the road. Love, longing, running from a life, starting a new life, loosing yourself, finding yourself, being free, being part of something and so on. So everyone hits the road for different reasons, including me 🙂 I want to share some of these movies that really inspired me and made me keep walking and continue traveling.  Be careful cause you too might want to hit the road after watching these movies.

  • Thelma & Louise (1991)

Two women from Arkansas; a house wife named Thelma and a waitress named Louise take a break from their dull lives and leave their husbands and boyfriends behind them and hit the road for a runaway weekend. It is a very good getaway and road movie which won an Oscar.

  • Before Sunrise (1995) – Before Sunset(2004) – Before Midnight (2013)

French student Celine and American tourist Jesse meet on a train that was going from Budapest to Vienna and started to chat. Jesse asks Celine to join him to spend time in Vienna till next morning. They storlled through the streets of Vienna and got to know each other. They leave by giving a promise to each other. You have to watch these romantic trilogy to find out if it is possible that the roads of two strangers might cross or not.

  • Bucket List ( 2007)

Two old men who are fighting cancer in a hospital meet and decide to leave hospital to start doing their bucket lists. It is a warm, amity and road movie which shows that it is never late and please don’t postpone anything in this life.

  • In July ( 2000)

German boy named Daniel meets a Turkish girl named Melek at a party in Hamburg. It is the story of Daniel who goes in search of Melek who has gone to Turkey. Daniel and his girlfriend of July have many adventures on the road to Turkey. It is a very nice summer, love and road movie by Fatih Akın.

  • Into The Wild (2007)

Christopher,  a successful new graduate leaves his job, all properties and donates his all money. He starts a new life without any possesions. He hitch hikes till reaching the wild nature of Alaska. This is a movie about escaping from the modern life based on Christopher McCandless’s real life story.

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