Best Parts of Life on a Sailing Boat

Uniting with Nature

Feeling the wind that touches every part of your body, waves shaking you, sleeping under the stars, seeing different shaped clouds and shining Planktons under the sea during the nights, watching the flying fishes in the sea and the races of dolphins are just some of the best things you will witness during your sailing trip.  All these things make you think of the greatness of the mother-nature.


Feel the Infinity

On an ocean passing or long sailing journeys you will not see any boat around you and even sometimes any fishes. It doesn’t matter how big your boat is, you will feel you are sailing in a nutshell. The enormous ocean make you feel the infinity.

sunset sea

No Obligations

“My hair gets longer”, “ I have to get shaved”, “ What should I wear today?”, “ Which bag and accessories should I take with this outfit?”, and so on. Bye bye to all worthless issues. On the boat most of the time you will walk bare foot, wear some clothes till it tears apart,  have long hair and go on without shaving.

If you are the captain of the boat, you can decide where you want to go or stay anywhere as long as you want. You are the one who decides everything. You will enjoy having no obligations and real freedom of choice.

Long Days and Nights

Every part of a day has a hidden beauty in itself. While you are sailing, you pass through different time zones because of this every day the time of sunrise and sunset changes. The life at sea is much slower, that’s why you enjoy every hour of a day.

days and nights2 sunset

 Being Alone by Yourself

While the boat is sailing through the seas you go on a journey into yourself. While you are sailing you  will visit all kinds of ports on land and also in your soul. You will have plenty of time to read, observe, write, listen, sing, think and think. Enjoy being by yourself.

reading on board sailing


You will learn and practice many things about  sea and life such as forecast, maps, sails, repairs, knots, ropes, anchoring, mooring, fishing, cooking on board and so on. Being a sailor means to be open to learning forever.

ropes_knots fishing

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  1. very nice post, thanks! Would not necessarily agree with the barefoot-part in your lines (Baltic and North Sea allow something like seven days per year for that…), but some great to read post indeed.

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