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Uruguay always reminds of its neighboring country Paraguay. After the latest news like “The 25 reasons to live in Uruguay” in Turkish media, it made me wonder if these news are real or not. Do people smoke marijuana on the streets freely . Is the internet free in all of the country? And so on.


Uruguay is a livestock country that has 3.4 Million inhabitants and has more than 30 millions bovines and ovines. So it is the country of good and delicious meat. You should definitely go to a Parilla restaurant and eat delicious meat of Uruguay. If you don’t have time for a restaurant or Parilla, you should try Chivito sandwich. I expected to find free WiFi all around the country but I couldn’t. Even though almost all cafes, restaurants and touristic places have free WiFi. Yes people on the street can smoke marijuana freely. We found out that in a few months the pharmacies will start to sell marijuana. Also abortion and gay marriage is being discussed in the country. It is an example of a real free country. To read about my other routes, please visit My Travel Route Series.

Buenos Aires – Colonia

It is very easy to reach the cute colonial town Colonia from Buenos Aires. By using fast ferryboat you can arrive to Colonia in 1 hour. It takes 5.5 hours by bus to go there. In my opinion it is the easiest and fastest way. To visit Colonia about 3 to 4 hours is enough.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Ferryboat) Price Duration (Bus) Places to See
Buenos Aires- Colonia 470 1 Hour 385 Peso / 40 USD 5 Hours 30 Min. Old Town, Marina


Colonia – Montevideo

You can find buses which leave at every hour from Colonia to the capital Montevideo. It takes about 3 hours or so. I think for visiting Montevideo a day should be enough . You will see the similarities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Montevideo is hugely influenced by Italian architecture and culture which is visible in the local people’s daily life.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Bus) Price Places to See
Colonia- Montevideo 180 3 Hours 310 Urg. Peso / 11 USD Punta Brava, Playa Ramirez, Old Town, Marina, Solis Theatre


Montevideo – Punta Del Este

Punta del Este is the famous and jet-set summer holiday city of South America. High season lasts from December to February. We were there in March so it was not much crowded compared to other months. With its long beaches and tall modern residence buildings it seems like Miami. I suggest all nature lovers to go to Cabo Polonio where there is no electricity.

Route Distance (Km) Duration (Plane) Price Places to See
Montevideo- Punta Del Este 135 2 Hours 15 Min. 307 Urg.Peso / 11 USD Playa Mansa,Playa Brava, Monumento de Los Dedos,Cabo Polonio

Punta Del Este

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  1. Uruguay is also a country of great natural beauty and diversity. I fell in love with the dunes by the sea in Valizas and Cabo Polonio. The latter was great: a tiny little village by the sea in the middle of nowhere were everyone is relaxed and merry living with the minimal required. I’ve also never seen so many stars: it is pitch black at night and they eat you up entirely: I felt immense!
    All the best,

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