16 Facts About Iran You Don’t Come Across in the News


Iran was in my travel wishlist for quite a while. I had listened to many things about Iran, its people and its culture from my friends who had visited, worked and lived there. Finally, last May I got the chance to visit Iran for a touristic trip. Turkey and Iran have many common things such as vocabularies, literature, religion and Ottoman-Persian Empires’ long lasting wars. While I was in Iran and after my trip I found out many interesting things that people usually have no idea about. Today I want to share some of them. I hope you enjoy it!

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Do you know Persian Cats?

No One Knows About Persian Cats

I always gather as much information as I can about the countries I travel to. I read travel articles, books and view photos of other travelers and writers. When I am in the country, I ask local people about what their favorite movies and directors are and try to buy  DVDs of recommended movies and directors. After my travel to Iran in May, I discovered this interesting Iranian movie which I wanted to share with you cause it shows the alternative life and music of Iran.

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