15 Interesting Facts about The Fifth Largest Country in the World

itaipu dam

With an area of 5.35 million square miles(equals to 8.45 million square km), Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. It also has the fifth largest population in the world with over 200 million inhabitants. Here are 15 interesting facts about Brazil that you should definitely know in case you are going to visit or live there.

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Brazil Vacation Cost (Plus Excel Expenses File)

Rio de Janeiro

After a very interesting Chile trip, our next stop was Brazil. The main reason for our Brazil trip was the Carnival. My sister, a friend of mine who flew from Istanbul to join us, and I spent 15 days in Brazil. We visited Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador de Bahia and Iguazu Falls. We really enjoyed the Rio and Recife carnivals of Brazil and its amazing nature. We were there during the carnival period so the prices were higher than normal time especially for accommodation. But Brazil is not the cheapest country in South America. You can read all of my previous posts, articles, pictures and experiences about Brazil using this link, and for more travel expenses and travel costs information, check out my Vacation Cost Series.

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Travelling In Brazil

The Rio Carnival, samba dancers, famous football players like Pele and Ronaldo, beautiful beaches of Rio like Copacabana, Lebnon, Ipenama, beach foot volley that is played only by feet, Caipirinha, delicious Churrasco meats, the worldwide known top models are the first things that come to mind when Brazil is mentioned. Today’s post is another one of my Travel Route series, this time it is Brazil I’m going to talk about!

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