10 Amazing Facts About Bolivia


Here are 10 of the most interesting facts about Bolivia that I noticed while I was travelling there.

1. Women wear The Bowler Hat

In Bolivia, you will notice all traditionally dressed women wear the Bowler Hat. It may be awkward to you and may ask yourself why all traditional women wear these European style hats. The story behind the hats is funny. The hat was introduced by the British Rail Workers who came to Bolivia to work in the mining industry.

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Bolivia Vacation Costs (Plus Excel Expenses File)

Uyuni Bolivia

Last year my sister and I headed to Bolivia after travelling in Peru. Same as before, we had very limited time for this beautiful country and we only spent a week there. We got the chance to visit the capital La Paz and Uyuni Salar Region. La Paz is the world’s highest administrative capital. The Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat which is 10,582 square kilometres (4,086 sq miles). Its area is almost equal the size of Lebanon. To see enough of the Uyuni area, you should spend at least 3 days to see the main attractions.  You can read all of my previous posts, articles, pictures and experiences about Bolivia using this link, and for more travel expenses and travel costs information, check out my Vacation Cost Series.

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My Route in Bolivia

Uyuni Salar-Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the two countries that do not have any shores to the oceans. It has beautiful nature and naive people. It is worth visiting Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt lake and desert region.

The Uyuni Salar region is one of the most visited touristic places in Bolivia and South America. Amazon regions for nature lovers and the high mountains for mountaineers and trekkers are highly recommended spots. To read my other routes, please visit my Travel Route Series.

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