Shopping in Buenos Aires

san-telmo buenos aires

Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city of Argentina and also one of the largest cities in Latin America. Buenos Aires is a multicultural city that always welcomed immigrants from all over the world. The city is a top tourist destination and is known for its protected Spanish European style architecture and rich cultural life. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer to its visitors. One of them is shopping. Everybody can find something to buy that fits their preferences in Buenos Aires. Let’s discover the shopping life of Buenos Aires.

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12 Interesting Facts About Argentina

tango in boca

My last visit to Argentina was in 2015. It’s a beautiful country in South America and here are some facts about it that you should definitely know if you are going to pay a visit.

1. Mate Drink

Mate also known as yerba mate is a very popular drink in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil. In Argentina you will see some people on the streets holding a pot that is made of metal or leather and drinking it with a metal straw. This caffeine-rich tea is made of leaves of the plant of “Ilex Paraguayensis”. Because of its high caffeine, it has been a very popular drink for centuries in South America. I am not a fan of Mate because the taste of Mate is a little bit bitter for me. In some tea shops I am sure you can find this tea and you can try for yourself.

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Argentina Vacation Tips and Costs (Plus Excel Expenses File)

My first visit to Buenos Aires and South America was in 2006 by myself. I only had stayed 4 days in Buenos Aires which captured my heart with its architecture, cuisine, friendly people and Tango. Last year I had the chance to visit Buenos Aires once again with my sister and a friend of mine. Three girls, we really had fun. This time I almost stayed a month in Argentina and visited Tigre, Cordoba, Mendoza, Salta, El Calafate and El Shanten besides Buenos Aires.

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Travelling in the Land of Tango and Football

El Chanten

Tango, the dance of love and passion; Boca Juniors, the football team; Maradona and Messi, the football players; Pope Benedict XVI, the current Pope; Malbec, Argentinian wine; delicious steaks; Eva Peron, the most powerful first lady in Argentina and the Falklands War, a war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 are the some basic things about Argentina. It is definitely more than these. Today’s post is another one of my Travel Route series, this time it is Argentina I’m going to talk about!

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