12 Interesting Facts About Colombia,The Land of Coffee and Emerald

Gold Museum Bogota

Colombia was our first destination in South America. We were a little bit wary about Colombia because of warnings we received from some of our friends who had been and had lived in Colombia about crime and robbery. But the capital city of Colombia, Bogota, with its Soho style red brick houses and the queen of the Caribbean Coast, Cartagena, with its Spanish colonial heritage style, a maze of cobbled alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea totally amazed us. Despite its bad reputation we found out that Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Continue reading “12 Interesting Facts About Colombia,The Land of Coffee and Emerald”

17 Facts About Cuba From The People Who Visited The Communist State


In 2014 December, my sister and I stepped on Antigua and Barbuda after our Atlantic Crossing Adventure. After a while, we got acquainted with sailors in the marina and local people around the harbour and got updated about what happened in the world while we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We found out that the US embargo in Cuba will be off soon. We started to think about visiting Cuba before the American tourists invade the island after the embargo.

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16 Facts About Iran You Don’t Come Across in the News


Iran was in my travel wishlist for quite a while. I had listened to many things about Iran, its people and its culture from my friends who had visited, worked and lived there. Finally, last May I got the chance to visit Iran for a touristic trip. Turkey and Iran have many common things such as vocabularies, literature, religion and Ottoman-Persian Empires’ long lasting wars. While I was in Iran and after my trip I found out many interesting things that people usually have no idea about. Today I want to share some of them. I hope you enjoy it!

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4 Historical Facts About New Year’s Resolution Tradition

around the world

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015. Have you thought about things you had done, places you had been and people you had encountered this year? How was your outline of 2015? Do you have a new year’s resolution list of 2016? Do you know why people wish something or make promises while entering a new year? Do you know that our new year resolutions’ origin have deep roots in the ancient cultural rituals?

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My Interviews on National Press


Last week and this week was very joyful for me and my sister. Habertürk, the national newspaper and Show TV, the national TV channel made interview with me and my sister about our Atlantic Crossing with boat-hiking in December 2014. We were so happy to share our story and experiences about boat-hiking and Atlantic Crossing. I hope these kind of interviews awake travel spirits in people 🙂

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Patara and the origin of Santa Claus

santa claus

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick and Father Christmas or shortly Santa is a legendary person who brings gifts to children on December 24th, the night before Christmas. Many people think that Santa lives in a cold country. Many countries such as Canada, United States and all Nordic countries claim that Santa is from their countries but actually he is not. Read my post to find out where he actually is from and some other less known facts about Saint Nicholas!

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Rumi’s Wedding Night


Sufi poet and mystic, Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi , known in the west only as Rumi, died on December 17th of 1273.  Every December 17th on his death anniversary, many people all around the world celebrate “Şeb-i Arus”, or his wedding night. (Şeb-i Arus means Wedding Night in Persian and Ottoman languages) So you’re probably thinking, why do people celebrate his death as a wedding day? Well, the answer has its roots in the Sufi way of life. To put it as simple as possible, Rumi sees his death not as an end but as a beginning for reunion with his beloved, with God.

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Stockholm Subways Have Eyes And Ears

Stockholm Metro
I generally prefer to use public transportation while I am travelling so that I can observe and feel the daily life and local people’s routine. Before my Stockholm trip, I saw some photos of metro stations in Stockholm which were decorated and painted in a very different and creative way. At first I though it is done using Photoshop or something.  After I saw the metro stations, I realized all photos I had seen were real. The metro stations were like art galleries.

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