6 Things You’ll Learn When Travelling Through India

Whether you’re new to travelling or simply looking for the next destination to conquer, consider India. With so much potential to be uncovered in the country, you’d be foolish to miss out on it.

Here are six things you’ll learn from holidaying in India.

Their food is delicious

Sure, it may be something you’re already aware of, but it’s only when you actually visit India do you realise just how much they pride themselves on their food. And rightfully so – the dishes are absolutely delectable, from rich curries to quick sweet snacks.

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You’ll find out when you discover the street food, especially in cities such as Delhi – with so much being cooked up on the streets, you’d be foolish to miss out on it. Whether you’re grabbing dinner or a light snack, you’ll be treated to some of the finest food in the world.

The culture is prevalent throughout

There’s simply no denying India is a prevalent hotspot for culture, and you’ll learn a thing or two about the Indian way of life which you’ll then be able to apply to your own. You won’t even have to go out of your way to experience it – culture flows throughout the country wherever you are.

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One of the best ways to experience it first-hand, however, is by residing in a homestay. Head to Kerala for perhaps the best options, the town itself being a place of natural wonder, too. You’ll be able to stay with local families, who will teach you everything about the culture – even letting you partake in a spot of traditional cooking.

It’s one of the most diverse countries

From the bustle of energetic cities such as Delhi to the laidback flow of Kolkata. From the beaches of Goa to the peaks of the Himalaya and the hill stations in between. India has diversity in spades, with natural beauty combining with developed cities to offer one of the most uniquely stunning countries in the world.

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That’s not to mention the individual sights to discover – the Taj Mahal is indisputably the most popular, and is worth seeing despite the thousands of people flocking to it every day. Consider getting there at sunset to discover its true beauty and learn about its history without the distraction of massive crowds.

It boasts incredible wildlife

Head to one of India’s many wondrous national parks to discover an abundance of diverse wildlife – in fact, India is the only remaining country in the world where you’ll find tigers and lions coexisting in the wild. That’s not all, though – big birds, elephants and even reptiles can be found in their masses in the parks.

Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh are arguably the most popular of all the parks, so consider taking some time to explore. You can even join a safari through the majority of them, which is a fun and unique to see some very different parts of the country.

…and incredible beaches

Goa is one of India’s most desirable destinations, with an interesting Portuguese history and some luxurious offerings in terms of architecture and culture. And, to add to the offerings, its beaches are divine. Sandy stretches give way to beautiful, calm waters, the Indian Ocean one of the world’s most beautiful.

It’ll teach you valuable life lessons

As mentioned, the culture in India is bound to give you new insights into life that you can apply to your own. But it will enlighten you to no end – with such prevalent importance in religion and spirituality. You’ll come home with a fresh outlook and likely an overwhelming desire to return as soon as possible.

Do you have any more bits of advice for those travelling in India? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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