5 Movies To Inspire Travellers

With this post, I will be adding another article to my collection of posts about movies and travel. It’s a good habit to keep yourself motivated to travel all the time by watching some inspiring movies. Here are 5 movies that you should definitely watch if you’re an avid traveler.

  • Darjeling Limited (2007)

One year after their father’s funeral, three brothers different from each other get together and travel in India. They have many funny stories during the trip and the trip knocks them together. Within the colorful geography of India this road movie becomes more amusing.

  • Wild (2014)

This movie is based on the book “Wild: From lost to found on Pacific Crest Trail” which was written by American writer Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl ran away from her upside down life and decided to walk the 1100 miles long Pacific Crest Trail. She walked the train in 94 days with her 60 kg backpack. At every step along the trail she thought about her old life.

  • Everything Gonna Be Alright (1998)

Mischievous older brother Altan and his younger serene brother Nuri’s humorous story. Altan steals some prescription drugs from the warehouse where Nuri works at. Then the mafia starts to come after them. It is a funny family and road movie.

  • Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The big family hits the roads for 7 years old Olive who will join the contest of Miss Little Sunshine with their Volkswagen camper van from Albuquerque to California. It is an entertaining family and road movie from the USA.

  • The Beach (2000)

A few young people who are in their 20 s find a treasure map which leads on the hidden lost island. But do they find what they were looking for? The movie was filmed in the famous and beautiful Phi Phi island of Thailand which will make you wish to see this beautiful beach and island.

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