We Found Ourselves in Antigua Island

Previously I shared this post from my experience of crossing the Atlantic ocean. Here is another short episode of my story.

After 2850 nautical miles and 22 days , on December 26th, Friday night, land ho! Antigua island could be seen on the horizon. We were very happy to have finished this journey and were excited to touch some soil beneath our feet. Seasickness, the broken fridge, windless days, running up the cockpit for every noise of the fishing rod, days and nights with very strong winds, discontinuous  sleeps because of seesaw and more were  gone. It was like all these things happended in a single and very long day . After anchoring, we first went to a restaurant and ate something. We took some time to have a rest . We were getting used to the land life.  We were in the rainy season but it didn’t rain so much, just short summer rains. The weather was around 30 degrees celsius. Antigua has 365 beaches and we had seen just a few of them. Here are some shots from the island .For more photos  of Antigua check my flickr album.

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